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Philip Benton

Founder & Lead Architect

Philip is a firm believer in better homes for all.

He believes that design should go beyond functionality: creating spaces that reflect our individuality and facilitate human relationships, both within the home and in the places between homes, which we call communities. 

Vellow Wood was founded by Philip in 2011, as an expression of these convictions and as a vehicle for raising the UK standard. The name was inspired by his own sense of rootedness, personal aesthetic, and connection to a family home of the same name in Somerset. 

Philip now works with individual home owners and larger scale developers alike, designing new homes and exploring new models for better housing and more effective communities. 

He has a history of collaboration with other Architects and is actively involved in broader Architectural and business networks that are seeking to make a difference to our built environment.


Philip is from Devon and but moved to Scotland to complete his postgraduate studies at the Glasgow School of Art. 

He is a chartered member of RIAS and ARB.

Some of his favourite architectural projects by other Architects include Nansledan, Portmeirion, and the Murphy House.